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 Long see!?

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Jenna JR

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PostSubject: Long see!?   Long see!? EmptyThu 31 Jan - 0:08 sure has been a while!

On a rare moment of brightness I suddenly remembered the good ol' times on webscutest/palbyte and I decided to see if that one was still alive. I haven't been in touch with many people ever since, I only talk to Monika or Edith every once in a long while.

I logged on and found a dead place. I guess almost everybody left Palbyte after the whole site sort of started to fall apart. But after skimming through the forums (my fave hangout at the time) I came across a topic which lead me to this site on which to my surprise was still going strong and had some very familiar screennames!

Anyways, I haven't talked to you guys in ages and I hope some people still remember me Idea

My real name is Rick, 24 yrs old and from the good old Netherlands, but I have used quite a few aliases, most notably Cannabis, Ska-P and the most recent one ChopSuey. Rings a bell somewhere? albino scratch

I am currently travelling through Australia, so I won't be on that much but if I have a minute to spare I plan on giving my 2 cents to some topics Smile

Cheers guys and hope all's well!

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PostSubject: Re: Long see!?   Long see!? EmptyThu 31 Jan - 11:45

i remember ALL those screen names
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PostSubject: Re: Long see!?   Long see!? EmptyWed 6 Feb - 3:30

I don't think you and I ever talked on palbyte or so, but i hope you are having a good time in Australia. Very Happy
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Forum Queen

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PostSubject: Re: Long see!?   Long see!? EmptyTue 19 Feb - 19:27

i remember you, dont know if youd remember me...i was ally05 on palbyte. good to see you again:)

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PostSubject: Re: Long see!?   Long see!? Empty

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Long see!?
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