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 Christmas msg...

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Christmas msg... Empty
PostSubject: Christmas msg...   Christmas msg... EmptyFri 23 Dec - 14:49

A Xmas msg....

It’s amazing how everyone seems to forget the real meaning of Xmas. And, I’m not even referring to Christ’s birth… but his msg which was love and compassion. I’m not a very religious person, even though I have my beliefs that don’t match any specific religion, nonetheless I believe there’s a reason we’re all here. Back to the subject at hand, most religions (even the ones which don’t celebrate the birth of the Christ), celebrate Xmas, because it’s an emotional and meaningful time of the year and only people who have lost dear ones know its real significance. I think it’s time we shared our love, compassion and money around, at a time like this. What goes around comes around… I DO believe in it.
If we highlight our outstanding qualities, and share it with others, the world will be a much happier and pleasant place. So… along those lines… Shall we all keep sharing our best deeds:
Markie – keep sharing your huge heart and uniting people together, we know you’re a true entertainer and a great HOST, in all ways you can turn that word into. TY for sharing this site, the comics and last but never LEAST… your immense love.
Crys – keep handling friendship and light to those around you. You’re a VERY dear girl, your poetry is very enlightening and pure, never drop it.
Kesse – go on making us believe you’re tougher than you are, cuz we don’t bite it. Thank you for the fun and crazy moments you give all of us.
Karl – go on giving us all a good time with your innocence and cheerfulness.
Ally – you should share more your presence, we LIKE it girl. We like how you always try to beat us, and manages to. You’re sweet, even if you disagree.
Vicki – share your patience and strength, girl. We’ve seen you’ve got plenty of it to go around.
Emma – welcome back. Never forget how dear you are. So keep on giving us all this love.

A great Christmas to all of you… And distance doesn’t mean miles apart… it means hearts apart, so as long we love, we’re with those we love…

Cássia a.k.a Cassie

P.S. - see? I'm not that different from Mark's version of me lol

Life's not what was but what's coming
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Christmas msg...
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